Keep Your Eyes On The Bigger Picture

Most of our choices in life come from the feelings of love or fear.  We can’t leave a relationship because we love them or we fear the unknown and the possibility of being alone. So we get stuck in these feelings that keep us from feeling balanced and fulfilled. If you find yourself not being able to change a situation can you change the way you look at it? Unless you're in danger, are you able to occupy your mind with other things you're passionate about? Are you able to be yourself fully while still in the situation? Slowly you can heal your reoccurring thoughts by just living without having to make huge stressful changes. But if the situation you are in consumes you and takes away from your joy then it’s time to make changes to your surroundings and look to new ways of fulfillment and harmony. This full moon brings the energy of dissolving unwanted or disturbing thoughts whether it’s taking action inside or on the outside. What ever you decide, do it with grace and keep your eye on the bigger picture and try to stay positive.

Written By Heather Bordelean 1/28/2021