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The Universe Will Catch You

At this time we are starting to move into new opportunities and sometimes that path can feel lonely.  We may feel like we are the only ones taking a big leap and we don’t know who is there to catch us. The universe will catch you. There is magic in the unknown and only the ones that are brave enough to move along on a new path ever find that out.  Don’t get caught up in the thoughts of fear as they are only in your head.  You can find balance in nature or meditation. You’ve come this far and opened so many new doors so don’t let the fear of the unknown defer you from your destined path.  Sometimes people don’t follow us in the direction we want to move in but it’s ok because you’re going to meet new people who are vibrating at the new frequency you’re now beginning to move into.  Have faith and choose your next path by the way it makes you feel not by the fear of not knowing what’s going to happen. 

Written By Heather Bordelean 1/30/2021