Clarity Coming Soon


A lot of people don’t know how you do things. You probably feel lonely because you travel inter-dimensionally and your friends think it sounds too sci-fi.  You do things that feel right and come to you most times as epiphanies.  Others don’t get your enthusiasm when you connect everything together or you see synchronicities that tell you your idea will lead you on the right path. But you back off because you think it’s just in your head or that the idea you had wasn’t as exciting as you might have felt. Through the cards Gaia is saying that more clarity is coming real soon. Something will happen that connects everything together in such away you can’t explain away divine timing or your intuitive visions.  Stop hiding from your joy because someone thinks your time should be spent doing something else.  It’s your turn to shine and if you didn’t go through the lessons in the past you wouldn’t know how to handle such a huge but joyful responsibility today. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out though your mouth and say “I fully surrender to my higher-self and know that my higher-self has my best interests at heart because my higher-self is me and no one knows me better than me.”  So Let It Be

Channeled By Heather Bordelean 2/10.2021