You Are A Projection Of Your Thoughts


We spend all of our lives chasing after new knowledge. Our society is ran on web searches instead of trusting and connecting to the tree of knowledge. It’s possible as a society we’ve gone too far to comeback to the simplicity of the garden of Eden and an Earth that was once created for the research of many species.  Imagine the universe as a projector and the planets are just dust particles that bounce off the rays of the sun sometimes even blocking out the sun that sometimes changes your positive ions to negative ions. You are the projection here on Earth but you are also the projector since everything created is only perception.  When it all comes together for you, you’ll wonder why you ever stopped being the adventurous child you were birthed into existence to be.  What life will you begin projecting now that you know you’re the one holding the camera? Be the star of your own show. No one can take away what was always yours. So Let It Be

Channeled By Heather Bordelean 2/11/2021