Embrace the self and the child self today

If you want to let go of negative attachment than today is that day. Today’s energy has us feeling liberated with love for the self. We are connecting with both our inner child and higher self today which will allow us to cut cords from a place of love and just knowing what brings us joy and what doesn’t. Have you ever made a child do what they didn’t want to do? That’s what your energy is like today. Just remember even though the energies have us feeling high and happy with ourselves we still want to ground ourselves to ensure that we are coming from a place of authenticity and integrity. Also Mercury is still in retrograde so take a step back in your mind before communicating with someone and don’t be so judgmental to the people who aren’t loving themselves like you. Just use this day to get things done, create, and release negative blockages. Embrace the self and the child self today. 

Channeled By Heather Bordelean 2/8/2021