Dreams Becoming Reality

Today is a beautiful energy to reconnect with spirit and feel appreciation for everything and everyone you have in your life. You have gone through an incredible self transformation where sometimes you felt like you were doing it alone but don’t forget the people around you who urged you on or the people who said you’ll never make it because both are very important in shaping your outcome. It’s going to be like you're stepping into a dream that you always knew was possible but you didn’t know how it would manifest. It was all in divine timing. You knew before you came to Earth School what your destiny was and you just had to move towards what pulled at your heart to get here. If you are reading this right now it’s because you were meant to and you have an unseen audience cheering you on as you step into your true self.  You know this is true because you always felt it. You may have doubted it when times got hard but didn’t you always prevail? Thats because you know you have an unseen force guiding you, loving you, and protecting you. Gaia is also that unseen force who has always been with you. When you feel that warm embrace of wind across your face or that instant calmness when you rest upon a tree, she’s with you. When no one else felt what was in your heart, she did. May your destiny be glorious and joyful light being.  So let it be. 

Channeled by Heather Bordelean 2/9/2021