Don't Hide


Today you will be going within to reflect and heal from the present situation.  You realized that you lost that spark you once had and things have become sort of dull for you. We all have these days but we shouldn’t wallow in self doubt or self pity.  Although the cards are calling for a time of reflection, it should be a reflection of the things that excited you in the past. Why did things go astray?  Why are you sacrificing your joy?  We are in pre shadow mercury retrograde so it may be hard to communicate how you feel with others. So it’s a good time to take care of yourself and do activities that promote relaxation.  You can also do an emotional cleansing by bathing in a floral bath salt with your favorite crystals. It’s a good time to cleanse your crystals anyway as the full moon is approaching on January 28th. So the energy for today is to go within and reflect don’t go inside and hide. 

Written By Heather Bordelean 1/22/2021