Spirit Tribe


You’ve taken on a lot of jobs and roles alone maybe because you were the only one at the time who believed in the path you were taking or you thought it was your dream alone which meant only your burden to carry. You spent many long grueling hours making tweaks here and there while perfecting your craft. The Angels are here to tell you that your constant persistence and transition to a higher frequency has gotten the attention of other like minded people who are ready to assist you on the next part of your journey. You can call these people your tribe. They are the ones you can be yourself around in fact some of these people coming back you may have known from your childhood who are ready to cheer you on as you move forward. It’s time to release yourself from things that hold you back like unnecessary worrying. It’s a good time to detox as well. You’ll want to be in your best health after all because things will begin to move very quickly. God speed and so let it be! 

Written By Heather Bordelean 1/23/2021