Move Forward With Strength and Grace


As you move forward and manifest the things that bring you joy in life just remember to do it gracefully. There will be people around you who don’t agree with what you’re doing or they maybe jealous and it’s ok. These people have not yet experienced their own personal power and divine self. Move forward with strength and grace. This involves meeting everyone including your “haters” with kindness and forgiveness. This will allow you to move freely without carrying other's burdens or karma. You are here for your own destined mission and the the opportunities that are arising for you are now yours. You earned them and don’t think for one minute that someone else can do a better job at them than you. You are prepared for any challenge and these opportunities will bring you excitement and take you on an adventure that will help you grow and evolve spiritually. There is a contract coming your way and you’ll know if it’s right for you but because Mercury is moving into retrograde MAKE SURE YOU READ IT THOROUGHLY.  You’ll be so excited, so just read the fine print before you sign it. We bless you along your destined path. So let it be. 

Written By Heather Bordelean 1/26/2021