Almost all of the Archangels show up in this incredible reading. They are shouting to you to let you know that if you just keep moving forward you will succeed. What’s going on right now is only temporary. You don’t even see the success you created for yourself but others do and they are starting to lean in a little closer to hear what you have to say. Take a day or two off to regenerate. You deserve a break. Besides there’s so much success coming to you that you’ll need all your energy. The last card is the star card and that’s what the Angels are here to tell you. You are a star. You just have to wholeheartedly believe it.  Do what you love and you will only be treated with happiness, fulfillment, and success.  Say this today “Archangel Raphael help heal my heart so that I can move forward into my greatness” Archangel Michael "Cut the cords to the people and things that no longer serve me and my highest good”. Amen. So Let It Be. 

Written By Heather Bordelean 1/22/2021